Synonyms for CATCH ONE'S EYE: interest, intrigue, occupy, involve, immerse, busy, fascinate, grip; Antonyms of CATCH ONE'S EYE: bore, weary, tire, pall, jade.

The little boxes were abundant on the runway, looking at times properly demure and at times ostentatious in vibrant, attention-grabbing hues.

25 attention-grabbing words. sentences.


5 reasons why some things instantly grab your attention.

If something _____ your attention or your eye, you notice it or become interested in it. . .

She looked for him but couldn’t see him in the crowd.

be a distraction. . Learn more.

Here are some examples. .

distracted me.

Once you’ve managed to capture your reader’s attention, don’t waste it.

(Name) stands for Excellence. The word "immediately" conveys a sense of urgency that you should do something right now.

definitions. 25 attention-grabbing words.

to make someone notice something and feel interested: 2.


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Perhaps the company quickly perused a pile of project proposals and yours didn't have any buzzwords on the front page to catch their attention so they didn't look at it. . gripping.

be clenched, curious. Use this list to understand the meanings and connotations of these attention-grabbing words: 1. meet the eye. To attract one's attention, often by making eye contact. .


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To attract one's interest, especially due to being.




to make someone notice you: 2.