Definition of turnover.

. There are two main categories of turnover that can provide more detail about what it is.


Sports are part of every culture past and present, but each culture has its own definition of sports.

Turnover: the loss of possession of the ball. Cincinnati ranked sixth in turnover differential last season (+6) and amassed 24 turnovers on defense (11th). .

Turnover is the total value of the sale of services or goods during a financial year.

. Turnover and attrition can benefit companies in different ways. .

Calculating the number of turnovers a player will. May 14, 2020 · Forced Turnover.


Basically, the loss of ball possession is a result of either the defense team stealing the ball while the player was dribbling or when the offensive player passed the ball, but the opponent was able to.

Turnover Ratio, aka turnover percentage, is the percentage of a team’s or player’s possessions that end in a turnover. Usage rate can be calculated with how a possession ends: “field-goal or free-throw attempt, or a turnover.

. This can result from a player getting the ball stolen, stepping out of bounds, having a pass intercepted, committing a violation (such as double dribble, traveling, shot clock.

Forced turnover is when the player loses possession of the ball due to the opposing team’s defense.

com: “A player is charged with a turnover if they lose.


When a business is able to manage its turnover, it can run efficiently and cost-effectively. You can use the following formulas to do this: Revenue = number of units sold x average price of unit. To illustrate this discussion, turnover in the French lower chamber, the Assemblée Nationale, is studied.

a cycle of purchase, sale, and replacement of a stock of goods. . 1 day ago · sports, physical contests pursued for the goals and challenges they entail. . wikipedia.

The article concentrates on the definition of turnover and its types.

A turnover is counted when a player with possession of the ball loses possession as the result of a violation or an opposing player. .

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Your sales turnover is the total amount of goods, products or ideas sold within a given time frame, usually 12 months.