Like our lower-capacity portable car lifts (the 3500SLX, 5000TL and 7000TL), built-in durable urethane wheels mean the 7000TLX frames can be rolled around, indoors or outdoors, at your convenience. The hoists are constructed of tough, but lightweight, die cast aluminum alloy housings.


We stock a large range of mobile lifting hoists, including portable, lightweight, and bariatric models.

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VEVOR 3-in-1 Electric Hoist Winch, 1100lbs Portable Electric Winch, 1500W 110V Power Winch Crane, 25ft Lifting Height,. Thick side plates for rigid. YPH300.

One Man Lift Drivable 12' To 15' Electric; One Man Lift Drivable 20' To 24' Electric; One Man Push Arounds See all; One Man Lift Push Around 10' To 24' Electric; One Man Lift Push Around 25' To 29' Electric; One Man Lift Push Around 30' To 40' Electric. custom lifting device, mechanical lifting device, lifting device for heavy objects.

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A portable gantry crane is more affordable than the larger standard gantry cranes.

doudouX Electric Patient Lift, Portable Hoyer Lift for Home Use and Car Travel, with Folding Frame & High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery, 450Lbs. .

Includes ram, chain and hook. For lar.

Material Lifts.
Choose The Chain Hoist Right For The Job.


Light-Duty #1 COMPLIFT Features: Portable.

This shop crane and engine hoist delivers the lifting ability you need with the combined advantage of compact storage. Stainless-steel models for easy cleaning. Mini Cranes Fit in Doorways.

Stainless Steel Manual Cranes. This BEHN-40 is an industrial hoist that allows a single. retracted and 600 lbs. 00 ($224. . For lar.

A travel hoist is a portable patient lifting device which is foldable to make it easily transported.

This type of device is also called a hydraulic lift, and it’s the only kind Medicare will pay for, says Ambrose. .

Arjo resident/patient lifts are firmly established as the most appropriate ergonomic choice for today’s professional nurses and caregivers.


A portable gantry crane is more affordable than the larger standard gantry cranes.

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Close-Lift Hydraulic Cranes.