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The outer canthal distance for white newborns in Cardiffrangedbetween5-0and7-4cm(mean6-3(SD 0-4 cm)) while the Ibadan newborns. .



2 ± 6. Interpupillary distance (IP), inner and outer canthal distances (IC, OC) have been investigated in an Indian population to establish normal values for these parameters. Contributed from the Public Domain With annotations by Amelle Shillington, DO.

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Measurements of inner canthal distance (ICD) and outer canthal distance (OCD) were performed by Vernier caliper. 9 31 21 41 Outer Canthal Distance (mm) 85. .

Interpupillary distance: the distance between the centers of both pupils with the eyes looking. It is typically a manifestation of a craniofacial deformity and not a.

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Olotu EJ, Yerikema AH.

Table 3. 9.

. The use of non-African standard canthal values in clinical practice arose because of the non-availability of African standard values [5].

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Abstract. There are direct and indirect methods available for this measurement. 3, 6 Hypertelorism (teleorbitism, or ocular.

Nov 8, 2022 · Primary telecanthus is defined as an increased distance between the inner canthi with a normal outer canthal distance and a normal interpupillary distance; secondary telecanthus, on the other hand, is characterized by an increase in all three parameters and is associated with ocular hypertelorism. . May 1, 2001 · Frontooccipital circumference, inner canthal distance, outer canthal distance and interpupillary distance are important measurements in the evaluation of several systemic syndromes, craniofacial. 2019]. .

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9 31 21 41 Outer Canthal Distance (mm) 85. .

canthal of the eyes, while lateral canthal distance (LCD) (outer canthal distance) is the distance between the two laterals canthal of the eye.

It is typically a manifestation of a craniofacial deformity and not a.


distance and with a ruler for inner canthal distance.