One Better Boy plant once yielded more than 340 pounds (154 kg) of fruit, earning it a Guinness World Record.


. Burpee brings you the best, tried-and-true herbs and vegetables as garden-ready plants, helping create a garden that's uniquely yours.



. 99. Braveheart F1: Fusarium Wilt 1, Gray Leaf Spot, Leaf Mold, Tomato Mosaic Virus.

Burpee seeds are available for all growing zones and for all seasons, and Burpee guarantees each and every product.

. Cherokee Purple. .

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Fruits weigh about 10 oz.

Tomatoes Burpee Seeds 2022 Roma Sweet Beefsteak Slicer Marigold - Lot of 6. $12.

. Introduced in 1949, its.

Celebrity is perfect for first-time gardeners, producing large tomatoes you can use sliced on sandwiches and burgers, in sauces and even as an ingredient in many salsas.
If it's hard for you to wait for ordinary tomatoes to ripen, try this heirloom tomato variety.
9 kg).

Idea & Tips : Water regularly and try to water early in the day so that plants will dry off before evening.

Sow indoors 6.

It is unequaled as a slicing tomato as well as to use in cooking. Burpee Bush Early Girl' Hybrid Slicer Tomato, 30 seeds. The tastiest and most succulent sandwich slicer tomato ever.

Days to maturity: 70 days. Brick-red attractive flesh. It is unequaled as a slicing tomato as well as to use in cooking. $5. Plants grow less than 2 ft. 4 kg).

Whether you are planting a vegetable garden, herb garden, or a flowering garden, Burpee has a wide variety of seeds for you to choose from! Sun: full sun.

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Alternaria solanii, Alternaria tomatophila.



Harvest the large fruits Summer through Fall and you’ll love them on sandwiches and burgers or in.

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